Who Am I ?


I am a software engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in web and mobile app design and development, testing and release automation, and aviation systems analysis.

I graduated from Cornell University in 2010 where I obtained both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Applied Economics and Management.

I have a passion for anything technology, airplane, and music related. In particular, I am currently working on mobile apps (both design and development) and pursuing a private pilot license in my spare time. I've also been playing the drums for about 8 years and am teaching myself piano and guitar. I also dabble in the stock market, through which I am quickly learning the virtues of patience.


There are several principles that I live by. Learn a new skill every single day. Become the best that you can possibly be without sacrificing the important things in life (family, significant other, friends). Work hard, play hard, then sleep hard. Stimulate the mind and energize the body as often as possible - one cannot live without the other. When the body is weak, the mind follows. When the mind is weak, well..."a weak mind is like a microscope - it magnifies trifling things, but cannot receive great ones."


  • 2013 June~Present

  • 2011 February~2013 June
    Senior Systems Engineer
    Center for Advanced Aviation System Development


    • Main languages and technologies used are Java, MapReduce, R, MATLAB, SQL, Excel VBA, SLX, and Python

    • Spearheaded overhaul of flight data analysis by developing automated flight level-off identification, characterization, and visualization capabilities in Java. Simultaneously reduced average analysis time to less than 1% of initial and improved quality of results by implementing an asymptotically optimal algorithm. Analyzed entire National Airspace System using MapReduce

    • Led research to quantitatively assess benefits of NextGen implementations for air traffic control service providers by developing machine learning algorithms in Java and utilizing automatic speech recognition

    • Led development of novel terminal/en-route radar data analysis and reporting toolkit in Java, providing higher fidelity results while reducing analysis times from weeks to several hours

    • Provided analysis and recommendations for airspace and procedure redesigns on high-profile Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in the Metroplex project for the FAA; organized and led Human-in-the-Loop simulations

    • ICNS 2012 Conference Best Professional Paper Award, MITRE Spot Award

  • 2010 December
    Cornell University
    Master of Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering


    • Concentration in aerospace engineering

    • Conducted research under Professor Charles H.K. Williamson in the Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratories

    • Led team of 9 researchers to design, test, and optimize an innovative energy extraction device; developed working prototype

    • Directed effort to explore limits of quasi-steady theory and analyze effects of galloping on square cylinder behavior

  • 2010 June~August
    Pratt & Whitney
    Modeling & Simulations


    • Led conversion of legacy Numerical Propulsion System Simulation (NPSS) code and efficiency maps for next generation compatibility and added next generation features into simulation models to demonstrate new capabilities; performed NPSS core library validation

    • Developed automated and robust MATLAB testing suite for NPSS model validation and verification processes for all engines

    • Conducted performance validation for new PurePower PW1524G Simulink state variable model

  • 2010 May
    Cornell University
    Bachelor of Science
    Mechanical Engineering
    Summa Cum Laude


    • Concentration in aerospace engineering

    • Minor in applied economics and management

  • 2009 June~August
    GE Aviation
    Commercial Engines Productivity and Compliance


    • Revamped digital Production Engineering Instructions form on internal network, communicating and collaborating with all stakeholders, reducing form turnaround time by over 90% while exceeding stakeholder demands

    • Kicked off and managed various cost-savings and quality control efforts, including fan rotor dynamic balancing, slave instrumentation removal, damper ring non-conformance issues, and CMM machine elimination, utilizing statistical analysis tools and Monte Carlo simulations and coordinating with various departments to save over $500K/year; led team of 4

    • Nominated for prestigious SICCA award for outstanding contribution to the company

  • 2008 June~August
    Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.
    Engineering Co-op Support
    Aluminum Machining


    • Spearheaded new proposals to homogenize cam holder bolts between 3 departments and to enhance FANUC robot arm clamp mechanism, using AutoCAD to design and draft part improvements, to decrease costs by $150K/year

    • Designed and installed improvements on engine head leak testing machine to reduce cycle time by 9%

    • Identified hazards and proposed solutions for all index machines; performed cost analysis to determine optimal course of action


  • Academic Publications

    T. Gonzalez and G. Kondo, “Voice communication benefits from RNAV/RNP in en route and terminal environments,” in Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance Conference (ICNS) 2013, Herndon, VA, 2013, pp. 1-24.

    S. Dorfman, J. Daily, T. Gonzalez, and G. Kondo, "NAS-wide vertical profile analysis: Level segments in arrival and departure flows," in Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance Conference (ICNS) 2012, Herndon, VA, 2012, pp. D6-1.

  • Image Evertracker
    Incepted May 2012

    Entered into the Evernote DevCup, receiving the most votes out of all U.S. based teams and 3rd overall.

    Evertracker enables you to track how you're spending your time -- how long you're doing things, when you're doing them, and how frequently. And since its powered by Evernote, everything you do is easily searchable and can even have personal notes, images, and comments attached.

    View logs and graphs of your trackers, and use Evertracker "Versus" to see how your trackers stack up against everyone else.

    Evertracker -- Discover exactly where your time goes.


  • Image Checkmeister
    Incepted February 2012

    Checkmeister is the fastest and most comprehensive way to split your table's check. Split shared dishes, add coupons and deals, and email your results out to everyone. No other app comes close to the features packed into Checkmeister.

    Checkmeister is all you need when dining out with friends (besides your wallet). It is a powerful and versatile tool that combines the best of all tip calculators and check splitters out in the app market. Need to split the check in a hurry? The Even Split mode allows you to calculate tip and split evenly between any number of people on the fly, combining speed and convenience. Want to make sure that everything is fair and square? Not to worry, the Itemized Split mode allows you to specify who ordered what, which items are split among who, and apply coupons and deals to calculate the totals for each member. Save yourself, your friends, and your waiters/waitresses the hassle and frustration of trying to calculate everything for everyone at the table.


  • Image Secret Santa!
    Incepted November 2011

    Get ready for the holidays! This app provides the simplest way to start a Secret Santa (or Kris Kringle, or Monito Monita - they are all the same thing if you didn't know already) among friends, family, and coworkers.

    So easy to use, even your new 4 month old family member can join the fun! Is there someone, or multiple people (gasp!), in a Secret Santa group that you don't want to give gifts to? No need to worry, you can select as many people to add to your "Do Not Pick" list. Also, no need to re-pick because you picked yourself, the app will take care of it. Got paired up with someone in the group last year? The app will remember who you picked, so next year you don't get the same person again. Is someone not physically present when drawing names? Why not email or SMS to him or her using this app?

    So gather around all your friends, family members, and coworkers and make the holiday, party, or event a memorable one for everyone.



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